A reversal of normal temperature behavior, an inversion happens when a layer of warm air traps cold air directly below it.
Goodbye, sun.
The weekend kicks off with a very long thunderstorm and maybe even some flash flooding.
What a show.
This is NOT a drill.
A rare “derecho” storm is due to hit the East Coast today, and NYC will be very soggy as a result.
Who is more scared of thunder: the Red Sox or Yankees?
Check out some luminescent and ominous storm photos taken by readers last night, as well as several videos.
Boy howdy that was some thunder and lightning show night, eh?
This storm is better than Manhattanhenge!
It's never going to stop raining—click through and let these old photos of a drenched NYC help you come to terms with it.
Boy howdy, that storm last night was something, huh? It was like
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