'The college took immediate action, suspending the professor, escorting him off campus and banning him indefinitely.'
The threat was because of a dispute over whether an app company owed the man referral bonuses or not.
'It's a C-4 bomb with a lot of shrapnel,' said the suspect while making the bomb threat.
Investigators now believe the officers were not the ones being shot at.
The notes were first found only a few hours after the shooting in Orlando.
"When I hit, papa, I mark," he said, smoking angrily.
The NYPD has reportedly seen posts on social media calling for cop killings on New Year's Eve.
For the second time this week, a man has been arrested after allegedly threatening to kill cops while on the phone.
A police union has sent out an urgent missive to police officers around the city warning that a militant group has targeted them. [UPDATE BELOW]
A family of three was forced to patiently deal with unbridled, misdirected aggression on the F train this week.
A Long Island high school has banned students from carrying backpacks and using lockers after threatening messages were found written on the wall of the boy's bathroom.
One very passionate Mets fan has been arrested and charged for sending a series of threatening tweets to Mets executives, players, coaches, and even Citi Field.
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