Thomas jefferson

After a decades-long battle, the statue will be removed from the City Hall council chambers.
The Public Design Commission voted to remove the Thomas Jefferson statue from City Hall, but now there's some debate about where it will end up.
A vote will take place on October 18th on whether or not to remove the statue of the former president and slave owner, which has been in City Hall for centuries.
NYPL's version is one of four handwritten 'fair copies' of the Declaration of Independence that remain intact after 243 years.
The NYPL's copy, written in iron gall ink, is believed to be one sent to Jefferson's former law professor, George Wythe. Jefferson also discussed the edits in his autobiography.
The most qualified, moderate Republican candidate for president withdrew from the race today.
In case you're interested in how the government was keeping your
John Adams once wrote to his wife Abigail, "The second day
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Mr. Brownstone is reuniting this weekend with a show at Bowery Ballroom.
That big empty cement pool in Greenpoint has become a landmark. The
The New York Public Library is closed today––it is a national holiday––but
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