Thomas dinapoli

In a report, Thomas DiNapoli said the city should use its reserves and hope for federal relief.
New York State sent just over $41 billion more to the federal government than the feds spent in New York in 2016, according to the state comptroller.
160 tenants who lived in the city's affordable housing units reported incomes of more than $100K.
The scandal over potentially illegal payments to state senators has moved on to its next phase, an investigation.
The average NYC student owes $35,100 in loans.
The average Wall Street worker took home $164,000 in bonus cash last year. You can go throw up now.
NY housing is not affordable for a significant number of rents and home owners.
New York's obesity problem is costing the Empire State more than chump change, according to Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.
On the plus side? More people are riding with the MTA! On the down side? Money remains tight and could get a lot tighter.
According to the audit the funds went for stuff like salaries, vehicle leases and even things like cosmetics and children's furniture!
News Corp. loses a $27 million deal with the NY State Department of Education over the phone hacking scandal.
Just as the Port Authority is trying to push through a massive toll hike a new audit from New York's comptroller reveals the agency's insane overtime costs. Nearly a half billion dollars in four years?!?
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