Third term

New York City mayors historically have trouble with their third terms and Ed Koch's was no different.
New Yorkers are having buyers remorse. Or, rather, they are having vicarious buyer's remorse on behalf of Michael Bloomberg, who spent quite a pretty penny getting himself a third term at mayor.
“We don’t come out of a background where we can buy a seat or buy, as Mayor Bloomberg did, buy the mayorship of New York," Gingrich said of Bloomberg while campaigning in Iowa.
For someone who spent millions getting himself a third term as the mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg certainly seems ready to get back to his Bermuda estate.
According to a new Quinnipiac University poll, a majority of New Yorkers believe that Bloomberg has "lost focus"—and those same NYers would vote NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly in as mayor were elections held today.
Spider-Mike saves the day (NYC Mayor's Office) Mayor Bloomberg discussed yesterday's
Mayor Bloomberg at MULCHFEST (see the "Thank you very mulch" sign?)
Via NYC Mayor's Office Flickr In next week's election, voters will
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After being sworn in as mayor for the third time, Mayor
Mayor Bloomberg shells out $9 to City Clerk Michael Sweeney For
Mayor Bloomberg autographs a copy of the Daily News, AP Photo
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