A report revealed that NYPD detectives used an image of Woody Harrelson to help catch a serial beer thief.
Some are wondering if a thief used crutches to disguise himself before burglarizing three Midtown apartments last month.
A thief suspected of robbing seven Manhattan banks has been observed wearing a variety of headgear.
A very patient thief followed an elderly man for 10 miles before allegedly robbing him of some casino winnings last weekend.
A 68-year-old woman who was arrested for stealing purses in Brooklyn eateries earlier this summer has died a day after pleading guilty to the charges against her.
A Brooklyn woman turned into the hero Williamsburg needed yesterday when she took matters into her own hands and battled crime with the bearhug of justice.
Have you no shame, sir?
Police say bicycle-riding thief stole American flags from seven different Brooklyn homes on Independence Day morning.
It might sound like something out of the bath salt belt of America, but this particular face-biting happened right here in Manhattan
Police are searching for a man who stole a necklace off of a three-year-old in a Queens McDonalds recently.
A lone man masked with a black bandana pulled off quite the heist yesterday.
The War On Tots continues: police are looking for a thief who allegedly stole $500 from a 3-year-old.
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