Lady M Confections has accused a former employee of stealing over 1,000 cakes in four months.
Samuel Sabatino, 82, was arrested Saturday and charged with 11 counts of burglary.
Sammy cannot survive on his own, according to the refuge.
"He created suspicion," Petqua's manager said of the suspected thief. "He'd tried to sell me some baby dragons about a year ago. I said no."
A man hit two police cars and tried to get away by jumping off the bridge.
"A lot of people are upset because they have an emotional attachment with this cat," store manager Ted Oehmke says.
A whole nest of swan babies vanished without a trace, leaving avian advocates with a real caper on their hands.
Only a few particular items were taken: a briefcase, an iPad and sneakers.
The woman was caught on tape casually knocking over the topiary, before making her move.
One day after the victim's cellphone and credit cards were allegedly stolen.
We're talking a Louis Vuitton bag with $30,000 cufflinks inside.
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