Thee rant

“Given the current political climate and anti-police sentiment, DI Kobel did not see it as possible to get a fair administrative trial and decided to avail himself of the opportunity to file for retirement.”
"Keying radios is juvenile at best and potentially life-threatening,” Commissioner Kelly said.
Photos of Auer drinking beer with friends, smoking plastic-tipped cigars, and posing in a bathing suit and flip-flops prompt homophobic jeers from the users.
Much of the discussion centers around the Daily News' coverage of the violence after the parade, as it originally classified a shooting in which the victims received non-fatal wounds as "minor."
"Do you really think I'm going to jeopardize my integrity for a sandwich?"
The ire comes from some officers (including union officials) who view ticket-fixing as a professional courtesy, and the indictment of 17 police officers for ticket-fixing as hypocritical considering how many powerful New Yorkers have participated.
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