The weather

First 60-degree temps, then snow.
The dreaded Wintry Mix is upon us.
We're looking at record-setting cold on Wednesday and maybe, just maybe, a little wintry mix to spice things up.
Prepare full snow response?!?!
Hold onto your gourd heads!
Shhhhhhhh, the sun is sleeping.
The spookiest part of Spook Season so far: It's going to be 90 tomorrow.
Hurricane Dorian will mostly spare NYC its wrath, but we still have *shudders* gusty winds to look forward to.
The Farmers' Almanac says a 'polar coaster winter' is headed our way, but what does that mean and where did they get their intel?
Four of these 10 record-holding hot Julys have occurred since 2010, indicating that the Earth's atmosphere continues to warm at an alarming rate.
Brace for a week of hot rain.
Expect windy rain, thunder, garbage gales, the whole bit.
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