The vessel

Visitors will no longer be able to visit Vessel alone—they have to come in groups of two or more—and they are now charging people $10 to enter at most times.
'We were thrilled to partner with The Chainsmokers, an iconic band, who had a very compelling vision for the video.'
'Real question: what is this supposed to be? Modern art? I was really trying to figure it out, because it really looks like a rib cage.'
'It would have been so much simpler and avoided all the negative publicity had someone thought about the original overreaching and unnecessary rights-grab in the earlier Terms & Conditions.'
'It's troubling because this [is] part of the dynamic of private companies using public property, or getting huge tax benefits, and coming up with terms & conditions that...restrict the legal rights of New Yorkers.'
'You're pretty much granting them an extremely broad license, and it's unfortunate but we're seeing these kinds of overreaching rights grabs come up all the time.'
Thomas Heatherwick's 15-story, $200 million piece of interactive public art can now be climbed. All 2,400 steps of it. Should you go?
In addition to the 154 staircases that interlock with each other, there are nearly 2,500 individual steps and 80 landings.
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