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Nine current and former NYC Department of Correction employees were arrested today for allegedly smuggling contraband, including razor blades, scalpels, and illegal drugs, into city jails in exchange for cash at various periods over the last three years.

Another jail at Rikers Island will also close as part of consolidation plan.

She was arrested last year along with three other conspirators for smuggling contraband.

An artist and self-proclaimed "prison abolitionist" staged a protest against the prison system today, welding himself inside a steel cage in front of the Manhattan Detention Complex.

The drug-induced erection caused "permanent injuries to his penis" because guards and medical workers denied him treatment, his lawsuit alleged.

Apparently prisoners are still smoking cigarettes, and crack.

Having nearly run out of things to criticize, Yelp critics are now reviewing jails.

"Twiggy on the subway." (Michael Brandon's Flickr) Last July Gothamist broke

Abu-Shahid The Muslim prison chaplain caught bringing razor blades (“the kind

Abu-Shahid Today Imam Zulqarnain Abdu-Shahid, the Correction Department chaplain and ex-con