The strand

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Asked if she would be forced to sell the business that has been in her family for three generations, Wyden told Gothamist on Friday, "You just said that, and my heart dropped."
"We were honestly too optimistic about reopening," Strand owner Nancy Bass Wyden said.
"Thinking about opening those doors feels like the light at the end of a long tunnel... we're looking forward to bringing some joy (and some great books) to the Upper West Side."
“The Strand has survived catastrophes, from the Great Depression to 9/11, and weathered the schisms in the book industry that many predicted would put us out of business. After a century of beating the odds, we won’t give up now.”
“We are so excited to expand The Strand and engage the community of the Upper West Side," Strand owner Nancy Bass Wyden said.
A recent Supreme Court ruling coupled with the court's shift to the right is giving the bookstore owner hope of winning a case that hinges on the rights of property owners.
In a last-ditch attempt to fend off the city's request to designate the Strand's 1902 building a landmark, the owner of the bookshop is offering to place a historic preservation easement on her storefront.
Nancy Bass Wyden says The Strand 'just need[s] to be left alone.' The city seems to think otherwise.
The Strand turns 90 this month, and to celebrate, we've dug into its fantastic history in New York.
An hour with Kim Gordon.
An irritant, possibly pepper spray, was released inside The Strand.
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