The standard

Bathed in neon lights and cow-print booths, the bar will host events and drag shows.
The phone booth will be on site until further notice.
The video was being shopped around for up to $250,000.
Open your wallets, there's a fancy party in a fancy hotel on New Years Eve.
What would an airport Boom Boom Room look like?
A former manager at the Standard Hotel has filed a $10 million discrimination lawsuit against the hotel, accusing higher-ups of wrongfully terminating her in part because she gave birth in one of the rooms.
Tune tastes like your standard, clean-cut sparkling wine (it's actually a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc) but with a pleasant heat on the back end.
The men's room at the top of The Standard Hotel in
Ever since Andre Balazs and The Standard bought up the Bowery monstrosity that was the Cooper Square Hotel we've been waiting for the inevitable changes it would bring. And here they are!
A Brooklyn man was charged with sexually assaulting a woman at Le Bain, the steamy Meatpacking District nightclub with the sexy roof bar perched atop the lusty Standard Hotel.
The Standard reopened its ice skating rink today. Go, skate, drink spiked egg nog! What could go wrong?
Andre Balazs, of the Standard Hotels, is now in charge at the Cooper Square Hotel. Be afraid.
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