The squid

At just 24, Noah Baumbach made his mark on the indie film
We've made it through 10 days of this year's New York Film
Jesse Eisenberg was still in high school when he struck indie-film gold
There's an amusing story in New York magazine about how Phoebe Cates
It's the itch we can't scratch - the Academy Awards. We make
Gothamist was a bit underwhelmed by this year's Golden Globe nominees, and
No don't worry. Gothamist doesn't plan to subject you to yet another
You won't have to hear us babble on about the New York
This is it. The last weekend of the 43rd New York Film
Although we wouldn't want to drown ourselves too much in a gigantic
You've already heard us wax poetic in our NYFF coverage about
A born and bred Brooklynite, Noah Baumbach wrote and directed Kicking and
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