The spotted pig

'She couldn't put the pieces together,' a police source told the Times, in reference to a woman who accused Batali of assault. 'Something happened to that victim in that room, but we don't know if it's criminal or not.'
Eat meat and cheese, feast on Filipino food, burn your mouth on chiles and more this week.
As much as we'd love to think Kanye was asking us to go to dinner with him, he really was directing his message at fashion creator Fern Mallis, who is not a fan of Kanye.
A decade after opening, this West Village gastropub still boasts a buzz-worthy burger—and an incredible menu to back it up.
Burgers are serious business in this country, up there with fried chicken and Twinkies. Here's where to find the best in the city.
You can either clean the dust out of your A/C and hole up in your room with tv and a tub of sorbet, OR you can feast in style at these events.
The restaurant will be offering reservations for two weeks at the end of this month.
Here are a few delicious dinners and culinary delights to tide you over 'til Saturday.
The celebrated British chef is back in town for another whirlwind cooking tour at April Bloomfield restaurants.
Today the Times’s Frank Bruni marvels at Manhattan’s new wave of high
Cooking last night at The Spotted Pig for a sold-out crowd is
After getting its liquor license some time back and entering 2.0-dom,
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