The simpsons

'If Mayor Quimby likes it, I don’t like it. That’s my rule of thumb in life.'
'The Simpsons can keep being good, but they can't be new forever. It can't be fresh forever. You can't surprise people forever. And we're victims of that, and there are times I think, yes, maybe the show does get a little complacent, get a little repetitious.'
Election 2016 has become a waking nightmare full of bad and worse choices, and it's keeping Marge Simpson up at night.
You don't win friends with salad, but you just might with a perfectly cromulent tattoo.
Bart Simpson himself, actor Nancy Cartwright, unveiled a perfectly cromulent statue of Bartman in Midtown yesterday.
From the Khlav Kalash to the Twin Towers.
Instead of wallowing in misery over the end of "The Simpsons" marathon, keep that "Simpsons" buzz going with the videos below!
Move over monorail.
In further proof that everything is, indeed, coming up Milhouse, somebody has finally made some groin-grabbingly great "The Simpsons" t-shirts.
If you are feeling a swelling in your chestal glaven, don't worry: that's just the groin-grabbingly good news that finally, all 500+ episodes of "The Simpsons" will be available to stream online!
One of the weirdest, funniest and most haunting plays of the new season can be found over on West 42nd Street, where Playwrights Horizons is staging Anne Washburn's deliriously dark Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play.
FOX has revealed their plans to unite their flagship cartoon families next fall, in what will surely be the most controversial TV crossover since Fred Flintstone met George Jetson.
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