The restaurant

On a recent stroll through Ft. Greene, Gothamist stopped in for
When Gothamist first heard that the reality-TV-based infamy that was Rocco's (a.k.a.
The other shoe has finally dropped for Rocco DiSpirito. The celebrity chef
Could the secret ingredient to the meatballs from Nicolina DiSpirito actually have
Biting the hand that fed him, Rocco DiSpirito, humiliated last month when
Gothamist doesn't think news of angry investors of Rocco DiSpirito's restaurant, Rocco's
Clyde Haberman's Times column earlier this week looked at a few reality
It's getting a little too easy to point out some of
Blatant product placements be damned, Gothamist is hooked on The Restaurant, as
The knives are out! Finally, reviews of Rocco's from the Times' Williams
Last night, Rocco DiSpirito's reality show, The Restaurant, premiered and the
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