The rent is too damn high

Trump wants stimulus checks to be increased from $600 to $2,000.
Still pretty damn high though!
"It's unfair to raise hopes of unemployed workers that it's going to mean any real assistance anytime soon."
Governor Andrew Cuomo's executive order that effectively paused evictions expires tonight.
"Unless there's some sort of miracle, people suddenly hit the lottery, or if all the landlords agree to cancel the rent, there's nothing in the law that says the judges can just forgive that."
The rent is... still pretty damn high
"Parts of the economy are being hammered out of existence. A lot of restaurants will fold. It's a very uneven economic impact."
Wear a mask. And sanitize.
"It really makes it seem like these stimulus payments are backdoor bailouts for banks and debt collectors."
Cuomo called the plan for homeowners a "bold" but "necessary" action.
The proposed legislation is modeled after a federal bill introduced by U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris.
A rich developer's soon-to-be ex-wife is suing him for allegedly shrinking her apartment in the building he developed.
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