The real world

The groundbreaking show's first set of strangers will return to the original loft on Broadway.
This week, we learn about Olena's torso and favorite restaurant.
Click through and slowly come to the realization that yes, yes you do want to live in a Real World house.
Happy Birthday, The Real World! "Thanks" for making reality television so popular.
MTV wants to cast Occupy Wall Street protesters for the next Real World. Obviously.
Word is that you can now rent the brick warehouse on Pier
Even this guy couldn't help with the lease. LeNell Smothers of
While we all wait for This Old House's first ever New York
The Real World Brooklyn teaser trailer has been released, and while it's
Sure, photos of the Real World cast have seeped onto the internet,
Photos of the Real World cast and others by Nate "Igor"
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