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"You have buried power lines that carry very high currents, which generate magnetic fields. Every time [the trains] stop and start, they’re changing their current."

After revelations this week that certain New Jersey bars had been surreptitiously serving cheap liquor in place of the fancy stuff, the Post decided to take matters into their own hands.

Besides being the Puff The Magic Dragon Passover, April 20th is notable for two birthdays: Adolf Hitler and Fenway Park. The NY Post celebrated the latter in true NY Post-style today.

He was not a fan of the spaghetti bolognese, with "grass-fed beef so tough the beasts must have swallowed stones, too."

If you were an escaped prisoner desperately trying to prove your innocence, which local news source would you approach to plead your case? We don't recommend the Post.

Her lawsuit asserts, "All these statements are false, have subjected the plaintiff to humiliation, scorn and ridicule throughout the world by falsely portraying her as a prostitute."

Last year Mayor Bloomberg announced a $3 billion plan to seize 61

Photograph of Clinton, holding the hands of Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones

One month's free rent! Pets allowed! These are some of the new

A sonic device designed to drive off troublesome youths has been installed