The plaza

A new lawsuit alleges that the employees and managers of the iconic Plaza Hotel have created a culture of widespread sexual harassment where female employees are regularly groped, propositioned, and catcalled.
They called her the Eloise from Hell.
Rats may love eating our finest delicacies, but they don't belong INSIDE of them.
Don't hit your head on the ceilings, though.
The Plaza Hotel is giving up on fancy retail in its underground concourse and expanding what works: A fancy food court.
A former pastry chef at the Oak Room has named the restaurant and its former executive chef in a $25 million harassment suit.
Less than three years after reopening, the storied Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel is closing, and, as in all things, brunch is the cause of the problem.
In October there was a rumor going around that Mike "The
Photos via TMZ Capri Anderson, the porn actress and escort found
Arthur Emil, the man behind the late Windows on the World
Manhattan real estate sales set a record in the fourth quarter
As noted earlier today, a number of consumer activists, sweatshop protesters
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