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Mills talked about how he got involved in this project, why Matt Berninger is like a 'sweet trickster figure,' and offered an intimate look into what it's like collaborating with The National.

'The world's so shitty and we don't need to make our lives shitty, too...And what's more fun than making projects with your friends? So I think as long as we continue to approach it that way, then we're okay.'

The Panorama crowds ballooned in size for Saturday's top-notch lineup.

We're giving away tickets to The National, performing at the Prospect Park Bandshell in June. Not a bad way to prep for summer concert season.

Lena Dunham was the host of last night's excellent "Saturday Night Live," which included cameos by Liam Neeson, Fred Armisen and Jon Hamm, "Girls" and "Scandal" parodies, and a couple hilarious weird sketches.

This does seem like a really good way to find how long it'll take to drive drummer Bruan Devendorf insane.

Last night the Tribeca Film Fest kicked off with a film by Tom Berninger, and a concert by his brother Matt's band: The National.

We spoke to The National's drummer Bryan Devendorf yesterday to get a sneak peek at their upcoming new album, "Trouble Will Find Me."