The meat hook

With The Meat Hook gone, the gourmet grocer and educator is making some changes.
Make some massive caveman pops for your Super Bowl party...
If you're not busy waiting in line for gas or transportation, consider spending your time (and cash) to help out victims of the storm: Fundraisers are already underway across the city.
We talk to a butcher at The Meat Hook about how to buy and cook the best Thanksgiving turkey ever.
Do you always mess up your burgers on the Fourth? Never fear, The Meat Hook and The Brooklyn Kitchen are here with a video full of helpful suggestions. Don't poke the patty!
Check out this photo of two guys making sausage back in 1912
In one corner we have author John Joseph, who is heckling
This week the world-renowned butcher (or at least borough-renowned) Tom Mylan opened
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