The late show with stephen colbert

“I am proud to say, I am absolutely proud to say, that we are the first show back up on Broadway,” Colbert said during last night's monologue. "Suck it 'Lion King'!"
Just as the shutdowns of the shows last spring were markers of the state of the city, so too is their return.
Fallon has found his groove during quarantine, Colbert interviews Bernie Sanders, Conan interviews Colbert, and more late night clips worth watching.
Colbert's show last night before a mostly empty audience was a little unsettling and a lot of silly, and both reflected the nation's mood and helped lighten it, if only for a few minutes.
'It's a great Rosh Hashanah treat if you're craving both Cinnabon and Long John Silver's, but you only have time for one stop.'
"Democracy is going to end with a cliffhanger," is not something any of us want to hear.
Fake Melania Trump defends Trump while definitely not being coached and/or held at gunpoint by an unseen man off-camera.
"There wasn't a lot of room for advancement in my last job," Obama noted.
That stupid-head, poopy-pants Anderson Cooper will think twice before he calls anyone a 5-year-old again.
"It’s like one of those nature documentaries where the python unhinges his jaw and slowly swallows the capybara...and then becomes President of the United States," Colbert said.
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