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"This was a difficult decision," but concerns over COVID-19 has led to the park's closing.

Big fancy hats are busted out infrequently in this dirty old town, but when they are it's kind of nice to appreciate their whimsical silliness.

The new museum sits on top of an underground vault where a recently constructed high-pressure natural gas pipeline connects with the city’s gas grid.

This is the first in a series of eight articles exploring prominent officials' refusal to visit The High Line.

The final section of the High Line will open on September 21st.

''The next thing I knew he hit me with his walkie-talkie — bam, bam. He hit me twice, once in the mouth and once on the side of my face."

Here's a tour of the last wild section of The High Line, before landscapers start turning it into a park next month.

Walk into the wilds of the High Line's third and final untouched phase... before construction starts.

Why not ice skate in August? It's not like there's any reason to conserve energy in the summer of 2012.