The grim eater

It's one of four hotel rooftop restaurant/bars in these three blocks near the end of Wythe Avenue.
Not only is the Texas Lonestar Chili they dump all over your Nachos unbelievably sweet, it also quickly creates a puddle of reddish water in which your chips can soak.
Not only is the Thai "street food" terrible here, Airport isn't even a new restaurant! It's just a PR sucker ploy, which, I guess, I fell for.
You'll feel like you're eating in a theme park, and food is even more depressing than that.
Is this heavily-hyped poké trend really going to explode here in New York City? Because we like to actually feel full after our meals.
We're swiping left on this taco spot.
This place could be good! But right now it's not.
Everything I ate at Lorenzo's was pretty terrible.
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