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Does it still make sense to be socking money away in a 401(k) for a future that may no longer exist?

Goodbye MetroCard, hello subcutaneous RFID chips!

What this means for all Gothamist LLC sites: they will continue doing what they do best—providing excellent coverage of city-wide events, food and arts coverage.

In the argument over legalizing Uber Upstate, a taxi lobbying group is asking for drastic measures to limit self-driving cars in the future.

"This tech could result in ghost vehicles, driving around to find parking after dropping their owners off."

All must bow in fealty at the glorious altar of Beloved Leader Trump. Line forms outside Trump Tower on the right.

"No more fumbling for change or scrambling to the meter to beat a ticket" like some atavistic l0ser.

Long Island City is well on its way to turning into Little Midtown with all the skyscrapers slated to go up.