The economy

"It's unfair to raise hopes of unemployed workers that it's going to mean any real assistance anytime soon."
"We’ve hit a wall when it comes to the job situation."
The mild winter has caused a big boom in the lobster population up in Maine, and while that's good for customers in restaurants charging market price, it's really hurting the state's lobstermen.
Obama gave a big speech about the economy today in attempt to turn around weeks of bad press.
NYC added jobs while the unemployment rate rose again. What is the meaning of this?
Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman has strong words for employees who were bellyaching about pay cuts at the bank.
The U.S. Labor Department released its monthly "Employment Situation Summary" today, and the numbers from December have some financial analysts nearly giddy.
The financial crisis in Europe has "entered a potentially disastrous phase," the New Yorker reports, with "dire consequences" predicted for the entire world—even America!—if the European governments don't take swift action.
Jon Stewart describes the financially struggling Postal Service as only "incrementally less crazy" than Urbanfetch.
An investment banker and single mom from St. Louis was so pissed about the S&P downgrade that she hired a plane to buzz Wall Street with an angry message.
The Bloomberg administration seems to be walking build the waterfront parks in Williamsburg that were promised when the area was rezoned to make room for giant luxury condos.
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