The dutch

if you're not fleeing the urban jungle for the beach, there are a few food-related fests happening around town this weekend.
It's still cold as hell, winter is still here forever and there's nothing we can do about any of it except descend into alcoholism and True Detective-induced madness. But there's still food!
It's official: not even the MTA knows how to spell Schermerhorn.
This week the city's critics went old and new, with trips to The Palm, The Dutch and The Smile, and more.
This week the city's critics descended en masse on Andrew Carmellini's SoHo spot The Dutch and Daniel Boulud's Lincoln Center restaurant, Boulud Sud.
This week in restaurant reviews Sifton likes Desmond's, Sutton devours steak at The Dutch, Cheshes loves Buvette, and boy did the New Yorker not like lettuce grown in Manhattan.
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