The colbert report

"Did you always want to do true crime reporting that people listen to on a treadmill?"
For all the years "The Colbert Report" has been on TV, executive producer Jon Stewart has never been on as a guest, until last night.
Guess #CancelColbert could end up working out after all.
Meaningful conversation on Twitter is already tough enough without having to deal with out-of-context bullshit like this clogging our feeds.
After Stephen Colbert challenged Banksy to vandalize the walls of his studio, Hanksy showed up last night to mark it with a "Col-Bear."
"Has this man never heard of Snapchat?! Your dong shot disappear seconds after you send them… I have been told."
Colbert asked, "Do you think that signals progress for our country, or the slow decay of our moral values?"
If you need a good morning cry, here's Colbert's touching tribute to his mom from last night's show.
What train will get us to the Hipsters' Deep area of Brook Lands?
To honor the recent passing of writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak, Stephen Colbert revisited a past interview with the beloved children's book author.
While driving to work through the Lincoln Tunnel this week, Colbert Report caught "the spirit of America popping wheelies."
A source close to the show says new episodes were canceled because of Colbert's ailing 91-year-old mother Lorna Colbert.
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