The box

Residents are worried about the crowds the theater will attract, but others look forward to a change of pace from the current nightclub at 311 West 57th Street.
Not only does Susan Sarandon have an Oscar, she knows how
Purgatorio, the new multi-level erotic haunted house from the people behind exclusive
Simon Hammerstein, proprietor of decadent downtown burlesque theater The Box, has
If you've been following along with the allegations of sexual harassment and
It was rough sledding last night for restaurant and bar owners seeking
Scandal has once again ensnared The Box, that decadent burlesque nightclub where
A Queens resident was arrested for kidnapping, raping and robbing a woman
Photo via perhapsslam's flickr. A few years ago Langhorne Slim played
The man who attacked two women this weekend after picking them up
Late last year a cabbie (or rather, fake livery cab driver) had
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