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This will be the first Broadway show to return since the start of the pandemic.

Bruce Springsteen turned 70-year-old today—check out our ranking of all of his classic studio albums.

Springsteen revealed that the inspiration for the residency came last winter, when he performed an acoustic concert at the White House as the Obama family’s parting gift for staffers.

Now you get another chance to get your hopes up only to lose out on tickets to scalpers! Yay!

Tickets for this year's most coveted Broadway show are going on sale today.

"My show is just me, the guitar, the piano and the words and music. Some of the show is spoken, some of it is sung," Springsteen said in a statement.

Springsteen talked about the importance of Jersey to his work, the story behind 'Born To Run,' the problem with not paying taxes, his ambivalence about 'No Surrender,' the most important lesson he's learned, and more.

"I may still cruise through once in awhile," Springsteen said of his hometown of Freehold, NJ.