The big lebowski

Donny Trump is like a child who wanders into the middle of the movie and is so far out of his element he's embarrassing himself.
"I want to make a Jesus film but Joel and Ethan..."
It's good to know there are still some Dudes out there, facilitating marriages for all us sinners.
Someday it will be summer, and we will watch free movies in city parks.
If you've ever fantasized about teaching someone a life lesson by taking a golf club to their windows, these videos are for you.
Way out West there was this feller, feller I wanna tell you about...
This is not 'Nam, there are rules.
A Dude in the East Village or a crotchety old man on the Beach? Hard to choose!
This summer, the Dude abides in Central Park.
On today, this highest of holidays, the dope deals keep on coming.
Should the Dude get his own Ben & Jerry's flavor?
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