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We have some хорошие новости товарищи, because now you can always keep a piece of the show in your life by bidding on items from 'The Americans.'

Stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys talk all about the series finale: 'If I never wear another wig in my life it'll be too soon.'

'We wanted to have people explore the question of why we dehumanize enemies, and it's better not to ask people to go that far with current enemies. The fact that it's all come back around, and the Russians have turned back into enemies has been pretty bad.'

"This season, we were trying to sort of take the gas pedal off some of the spy missions and focus more on some of the relationship dynamics and the family stories."

Actress Alison Wright talks about what Martha's life is like now in Russia, whether she hates Clark, and her ultimate revenge fantasies.

'The Americans,' whose fifth season premieres tonight, is having a moment.

Get a refresher on where we left Philip, Elizabeth, Stan, Paige, Martha and all the rest of 'The Americans' last season.