Thanksgiving day parade

After things were radically pared down last year, the parade is planning on coming back with all the giant balloons, overpacked crowds, awkward musical performances, and random celebrity sightings New Yorkers have come to expect.
"The fact we were able to stand on the Rockettes mat and be able to do a little kick line was probably the coolest thing that ever happened."
But there will be balloons... just ones rigged to vehicles.
Even if it's windy, there will be a parade.
Look, this might be the only time to see the balloons this year!
After high-profile incidents of balloons knocking down street lamps, the city issued a new balloon protocol.
The giant balloons, marching bands, and spectators were joined this year by a Stand With Standing Rock protest, but for the most part politics went undiscussed at this Thanksgiving gathering.
Are you ready for some big balloons, festive floats and marching bands?
The NYPD made remarks after an ISIS magazine mentioned the parade as a target.
A Russian tourist was given a summons after he and his son were caught flying a drove over the parade.
Perfect weather brought out crowds of millions as ginormous cartoon balloon gods smiled upon NYC, heralded by colorful floats and thousands of wranglers, clowns, dancers, and marching bands.
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