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How to watch the balloons getting inflated, and how to avoid a mess of street closures.

Dr. Celine Gounder, an infectious disease specialist at NYU and Bellevue Hospital, gives advice and explains what's known about the newly arrived omicron and the ever-present delta.

"I've wanted to come to the Thanksgiving Day Parade ever since I saw that movie Spider-Man."

New Yorkers can check out numerous Thanksgiving Day meal events and food drives around the city this week.

These streets are closed Wednesday night for the balloon inflation and Thursday morning for the parade.

COVID safety is all about layering on different types of protection. Here's how New Yorkers can approach the various options.

Air travel at the NYC area airports is expected to be near pre-pandemic levels.

The mayor's push to get people tested comes days after the city issued a health order that allows all city residents over 18 to qualify for boosters.

"We’re going to be alone physically" this Thanksgiving, Cuomo says, unless you choose to go eat in a restaurant with a bunch of strangers.

“I’ve been alone in my apartment for eight months and really wanted to be with people!"