This is a highly addictive feature you should try out.
A court ruled that she encouraged her teenaged boyfriend via text message to kill himself.
Weiner would also like to run for mayor or public advocate next year, say sources.
Of course, Post columnist Andrea Peyser had to chime in about the situation.
And here we have video of a bus driver multitasking while cruising down the highway on Friday.
If the President wants to send you a text, you'll have to receive it on your phone under a new emergency alert system that the FCC and FEMA are rolling out in NYC and D.C.
Timothy West In Queens court yesterday, jurors heard the tape of
We all know that sexting can get you in serious trouble,
A new national analysis of cell phone usage based on wireless
Even though texting while driving is now illegal, government agencies continue
Trish Mayo's Flickr Last year the website Roadify launched a parking
Today singer Ashanti's mother, who has been the victim of obsessive
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