Former Nxivm members say the alleged sex cult leader used abusive tactics, including branding and dangerous dietary restrictions, to keep members in check.
There was an innate compulsion to bear witness to the livestream of history, even if it turned out to be yet another drop in an ocean of Trump scandals.
Watch the Cohen testimony livestream here starting at 10 a.m.
An alleged member of the Crips is on trial for murder
A friend and neighbor of an East Village woman who claims
John Franzese and his son in 2005 Colombo crime family underboss
from Triborough's flickr A Brooklyn woman who claims a police officer
Officer Richard Kern This morning a doctor from the hospital visited
The type of retractable baton allegedly used in the sexual assault,
Attorneys representing Al Qaeda-linked attempted murder suspect Aafia Siddiqui shocked a
Attempted murder suspect Aafia Siddiqui spoke in her own defense today
Today prosecutors called officer Noel Jugraj to testify in the trial
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