Test and trace corps

The revelation defies a pledge by city health officials in the early spring, when they said they would keep city-run testing sites open despite rollbacks at the federal level.
As the city sunsets its large-scale COVID-19 outreach efforts, contact tracers reflect on two years of knocking doors.
Other jurisdictions are reporting success with self-test reporting, but moving from pandemic to endemic could mean getting used to not knowing exactly where coronavirus infections are thriving.
Official testing numbers have been cut nearly in half over two weeks. Last year, a similar drop took six months.
Takers of store-bought tests may have a harder time accessing COVID resources.
The head of NYC Test & Trace discusses how the public health initiative is looking for omicron cases, including those connected to an early outbreak at a Manhattan anime festival.
Executive Director Dr. Ted Long also discussed the challenges posed by tracking cases in reopened businesses and schools.
The rapid test is the same one said to be used by the White House and President Donald Trump.
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