Frontline workers told Gothamist about their fatigue, their fears and their hopes for the future after nearly two years testing New Yorkers for COVID-19.
If you live in an apartment, you might need to register your building as a multi-unit home. Here’s how to do that.
"There is something terribly wrong in the richest country in the world when this is like our Christmas present.”
“They might as well name the omicron the Santacon variant, because ever since Santacon it’s been nonstop daily, phone calls, walking in, ‘Do you have tests?’”
The finding alone isn’t shocking. But it could help focus contact tracing efforts.
"[If] you need the exact wording of a specific question, message me the question number and I will send it to you!"
In which Brooklyn moms make their kids eat a spoon full of cinnamon.
If you get a text message from a strange number tomorrow reading, "extreme alert," don't be alarmed: NYC Office of Emergency Management and FEMA will be conducting a test of the Wireless Emergency Alert System.
Good thing the state is up for that school funding, because
Just 30% of NYPD department lieutenants decided to take the captain
NY’s Regent exams have been administered since 1865, but this year,
Surveillance image of the crash at left, Williams partying with new
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