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Even with gas prices high and a climate crisis, New York does not have the infrastructure to make electric car ownership accessible for everyone.

The blue moped share company will start with 50 Tesla taxis that can operate in Manhattan below 42nd street.

The vehicle then struck a metal fence, two garbage dumpsters, and a retaining wall, before finally coming to a stop against a wall of the Sunrise assisted living facility.

New York law states that all drivers not part of an approved testing program must keep both hands on the wheel.

The driver claimed that he tried to take control of the car, but the Tesla wouldn't let him.

The science center has been trying to raise $10 million to get off the ground.

Cars are sold through independently-owned dealerships, not directly through companies, and Tesla has been battling states across the country to sell their cars directly.

A recent push to turn inventor Nikola Tesla's former Long Island laboratory into a permanent memorial is even closer to becoming reality

The NY Times Dealbook column offers the cautionary tale of Elon

The office products giant that owns a 16-acre Long Island site