Terror plot

The defendant works for General Electric and asked someone he knew from GE to help him design the electronic controls.
Medunjanin's sister reportedly screamed, "Oh God! Oh God" in a court elevator after the leaving the court room.
The feds say a 26-year-old U.S. citizen was plotting violent "jihad" against the U.S. by way of C-4-filled model airplanes.
The FBI is so unhappy about gabby NYPD cops messing up terror investigations, there's a grand jury looking into leaks!
Should you believe your nephew when he claims the bleach and nail polish remover left in your garage are part of a fertility potion?
The cousin of an admitted terror plotter says his uncle told him and other relatives to destroy evidence.
A 67-year-old airport cargo worker was sentenced to life in prison for
Flickr user c00lmarie As NYC is beefing up security on the
Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, the former Staten Island resident who was charged
A federal jury has found the four men accused of plotting to
Photograph of police officers outside the Riverdale Jewish Center by David
A day after the U.S. Justice Department announced charges against five Al
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