Terminal 5

Absolutely no one's favorite venue is going to be just fine.
Nothing screams DIY like Ticketmaster bots.
'An overhead announcement requested we all 'hold it' until we board our planes. You don't want to see the current state of the toilets here.'
The fan who fell from a Terminal 5 balcony during a wild Travis Scott show back in May has filed a lawsuit against the rapper and the venue, claiming that he suffered serious injuries as a result of the chaotic atmosphere,
America's most beloved politician is appearing at New York City's most hated music venue.
Bowery Present Co-founder confirmed to Gothamist that the company will be parting
During a performance at Terminal 5 last night, buzzy rapper and all-around showman Travis Scott encouraged fans to jump from the balconies, which they did.
At long last, At The Drive In brought their breakneck rock and wild stage theatrics back to NYC.
The Blood Rave featured a live action performance of scenes from the film, with ticket-buyers encouraged to dress the part of hemoglobin-craving vampires.
The addition of the mini-park to the terminal (called Terminal 5i) is intended to evoke a similar feel of recreation and relaxation to a place devoid of such pleasures: the airport.
Some venues offer a little more bang for their buck than others, thanks in part to killer sound systems, vintage grandeur, sweet lineups and cheap beers. Here are our favorites.
The attack occurred early Friday.
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