Legislation backed by Mayor Eric Adams will allow the city’s public housing authority to raise additional money to renovate thousands of apartments
The board, which governs rent increases for 2.4 million stabilized tenants, has been mulling some of the biggest rent hikes in nearly a decade.
Residents living in the building say management has not adequately addressed issues related to ceiling collapses, lead paint and rodents running rampant. The landlord, however, says repairs are ongoing.
For many renters, the announcement offered an unsatisfying conclusion to the dramatic and confusing 15-month saga around broker fees.
The Legal Aid Society welcomed the news, but cautioned that "the devil is in the details, and Albany has just weeks to recalibrate this program."
"I'm stuck in a Manhattan apartment I’ve been able to afford 15 years, and suddenly, the only income I can make through unemployment doesn’t come close to doing that."
Still pretty damn high though!
Governor Andrew Cuomo's executive order that effectively paused evictions expires tonight.
Thirty-five years later, the last remaining affordable units in the building are expiring.
"Unless there's some sort of miracle, people suddenly hit the lottery, or if all the landlords agree to cancel the rent, there's nothing in the law that says the judges can just forgive that."
"It doesn't cancel rent. It doesn't really help people pay the rent. It just helps prevent losing their homes."
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