Tenant rights

In what was an expected challenge to the new rent laws, two landlord groups have filed a lawsuit in federal court which argues that the regulations are unconstitutional because they infringe on their property rights.
'You have a very powerful industry, with significant amounts of money to spend on lobbying,' said Ellen Davidson, a staff attorney for the Legal Aid Society.
The proposed legislation seeks to limit the high upfront costs of renting an apartment, which can include brokers' fees, application fees, security deposits, and other hidden fees.
If federal housing vouchers fall short, advocates warn, it's unclear how NYC will make up the difference and keep NYCHA in good repair while maintaining affordability for low-income families.
Advocates say that most low-income tenants still do not know that they are entitled to a lawyer during eviction cases.
"They've been really bad landlords for a really long time."
The tenants of one rent-controlled Brownsville apartment burst their way back into their homes on Tuesday after their landlord allegedly attempted to lock them out.
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Graphic designer/urban planner Candy Chang has created a set of flash cards
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