Tenant harassment

The proposed law would make commonly reported harassment tactics such as turning off heat and hot water, exposing tenants to hazardous materials and creating uninhabitable conditions, subject to criminal prosecutions.
He admitted to falsifying rent rolls to get tens of millions of dollars worth of mortgages.
One of the bills would make it so that tenants wouldn't need to prove a landlord had the intent to harass them when they bring a claim to court.
His tenants allegedly went for more than a year without cooking gas.
He also allegedly pulled electrical sockets out of the wall and bashed holes in the ceiling with a sledgehammer.
And posting restaurant-style letter grades in apartment building lobbies.
"It's just disgusting," a tenant said of conditions in the putatively high-end waterfront building.
The map, which was created by mining several public databases, grades buildings based on three key "risk factors" for steep rent increases.
And the tenants aren't having it.
The building was the scene of five fires in just over a month.
"Tenants understand implicitly, even if they live under a rock, that there is value for owners, developers, and managers in recovering rent-stabilized apartments."
The state is also suing him for alleged tenant harassment.
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