“By applying for rent relief, you will have an eviction moratorium. Your case cannot move forward while the state is processing that application.”
Now tenants will need to provide evidence of economic hardship in court, versus just filing a form.
Chief Justice Stuart Rabner says changes are coming to eviction trials in September.
"We must remain vigilant," the governor said.
They claim their landlord is dragging his heels on required work to make their apartment legal.
Hey, what's several hundred million dollars in tax money good for anyway?
INSIDE: What the listing websites DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW.
"I'm not going to tell you that there are none, but..."
The Queens landlord had reportedly wanted the tenant to leave so family could move into her apartment.
An ongoing dispute between a 62-year-old Queens landlord and his 48-year-old tenant turned tragic today when Eulith "Sonny" Reid reportedly bludgeoned Hettie Patterson with a machete, and then turned the blade on himself.
"The Rent Is..." The NY State Court of Appeals has decided
A discontent tenant fatally stabbed his building super when he came
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