Be careful out there today, and watch out for any wolves.
Yes, you DID sweat through your shirt already, and you DO look disgusting.
By Thursday, highs are expected to hit just 20 degrees, with lows near 10 degrees.
Manhattan is home to several "micro-climates" where temperature can change from block to block.
We checked a couple of deep subway platform temperatures just one stop from Manhattan and confirmed that it's cooler down there than up here.
L Degrees, designed by Julian Cole, predicts the daily temperature of platforms on the L Train. And in case you were wondering, the Bedford Avenue stop was 102 degrees today!
The fermented cabbage dish that's a staple of Korean cuisine is apparently held at room temperature for too long.
We went underground to check the temperatures on the subway platform, and found them to be much cooler than the open air sidewalks of New York!
We went underground with a thermometer and found subway platforms and cars nearing the 100 degree mark. But the MTA tells us they pretty much have no plans to fix that.
Miracle puppy! Well there's good news... and there's heart-wrenchingly awful news.
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