Television without pity

America's Next Top Model is back in New York and in its
Last night Top Chef began with a Quickfire Challenge consisting of everyone
Gothamist is a big fan of the FX show, Rescue Me -
[Belated spoiler alert because we cannot believe that people weren't glued to
If you were any where in the Garment district yesterday evening, you
Hmm, if there was a smackdown between Aaron Sorkin and Tina Fey,
Santino in stilettos? Nerdy Diana getting down? Marla...acting desperately lost? Gothamist loves
Occupation: Writer; writer and co-founder of Fametracker Residence: Brooklyn, NY The other
Yes! The New York Observer has TWO articles about how The
Dick Wolf, you sly, sly dog. Who knew that Elisabeth "Lumberyard 'cause
One of Gothamist's guiltiest pleasures of late has been watching America's Next
Gothamist will refrain from commenting about who was fired from last
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