Over half of the people in the town to test positive for coronavirus in the last week are between 16 and 21.
If approved by a judge, the settlement would expand services to youth experiencing homelessness.
Police are searching for half a dozen teenagers who allegedly commandeered an MTA bus outside a mall in the Bronx last week.
Juul deleted its Instagram and Facebook accounts, and will pull flavored pods from retail stores.
The teens are at it again.
Two teen girls from Ulster County went missing earlier this week and were found Saturday in an East New York home.
A teenager managed to get stuck in a subway turnstile on Tuesday, somehow wedging himself atop one of those egg slicer gates, while unwittingly posing for a Frank Reynolds-style Instagram photo.
A self-shot video of three teenagers successfully sneaking onto the new Tappan Zee Bridge ultimately lead to their own arrest and misdemeanor trespassing charges.
He's just 16 years old, but Tahseen Chowdhury already has sights set on a seat in the State Senate.
They also confiscated several bikes and proudly announced the bust on Twitter.
Coalition Z, a new organizing group made up of New York City high school students, hit the phones and then the streets in response to Donald Trump's inauguration.
He was charged with reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing.
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